One more to go

About 70 km, 1.800 meters of altitude – on the Stoneman Miriquidi CZ-Loop you will experience the Czech part of our original in a new way.

With the Stoneman Miriquidi C-Edition we have a unique track in 2020. Celebrate with us the open borders and discover on the CZ-Loop everything that stands for the Stoneman Miriquidi MTB in the Czech Republic.

On the extra round you will climb our three Czech giants Blatenský vrch, Plešivec and Klínovec. Let your gaze wander over the dark forest, feel the vastness and reward yourself with an almost endless flow after the queen stage to Klínovec.


Stoneman Miriquidi Mountainbike MTB Erzgebirge Blick
Stoneman Miriquidi Mountainbike MTB Erzgebirge Blatensky vrch

Three summit checkpoints

Face our three Czech originals. After a short, crunchy climb up Blatenský vrch, the local takeaway is worthwhile. Celebrate your first checkpoint in the Czech Republic with a cool Czech beer! On to Plešivec: We have changed the downhill track this season. Now there is a trail section here as well and rewards you for the ascent. Then the Klínovec already calls ...

Stoneman Miriquidi Mountainbike MTB Erzgebirge TP Klinovec

Up and down: brand new.

Some say that the recent ascent to Klínovec will be remembered, others simply hated it. It is all history. Now we are going to the top in a much more relaxed way and with great views. Back to the valley you have the choice in the Klínovec Trailpark: With the Azur-Trail and the Rubin you have two fabulous downhill trails at your disposal. Either slightly flowing on the Azur or rough and fast on the Rubin: Let's go!

Stoneman Miriquidi Mountainbike MTB Erzgebirge Sankt Nepomuk Kapelle

Fill up your energy!

Two special power places characterize the CZ-Loop: The Johannesstolln is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ore Mountains mining region/Krušnohoří and one of the largest historical mines in the region. Immerse yourself in 500 years of mining history and marvel at gigantic halls. The Chapel of St. Nepomuk near Boží Dar is a place of meeting and reflection. Levelled during the Second World War, it was rebuilt in 2013 and consecrated in 2014 by German and Czech priests.


Mountainbike-Tour Stoneman Miriquidi MTB Abenteuer Erzgebirge Ore Mountains 3
Stoneman Miriquidi Mountainbike MTB Erzgebirge Wolfspinge
Stoneman Miriquidi Mountainbike MTB Erzgebirge Knödel
Stoneman Miriquidi Mountainbike MTB Erzgebirge CZ Loop

Even more biking fun and summit experiences.

70 km und 2.000 Höhenmeter auf dem CZ-Loop des Stoneman Miriquidi Mountainbike im Erzgebirge.
Etappe Länge Anstieg
It is best to get into the Stoneman Miriquidi CZ-Loop in
Oberwiesenthal, Rittersgrün, am Rabenberg or in Johanngeorgenstadt.
Kapelle St. Nepomuk › Blatenský vrch 11,1 km 320 Hm GPS & Karte
Blatenský vrch › Plešivec 10,1 km 190 Hm GPS & Karte
Plešivec › Klínovec 26,4 km 860 Hm GPS & Karte
Klínovec › St. Johannesstolln 13,6 km 153 Hm GPS & Karte
St. Johannesstolln › Kapelle St. Nepomuk 10,2 km 285 Hm GPS & Karte
  71,4 km 1.805 Hm  
SM International Trophy

Take full advantage

  • Just like the C-Edition with the Stoneman Now starter pack, the CZ-Loop comes with a digital starter card in your mobile phone. That means booking online, riding without an issuing office, checking in at the checkpoints by smartphone, seconds after the ride on the finisher list. All this for the super price of only 8 €.
  • The CZ-Loop can be ridden separately – but you can also add it to your ride on the C-Edition. The best place to start is Oberwiesenthal, Rittersgrün, Rabenberg or Johanngeorgenstadt.
  • The CZ-Loop is available as agold or silver loop. We will either enter you separately on the finisher list or combine the entry for the CZ-Loop with your ride on the C-Edition.
  • The route is only partially signposted. In any case, use the current GPS track, which we will send you three days before your ride.