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Experience in 2020 a unique - an unforgettable - mountain bike adventure in the deep forests of the Ore Mountains: the Stoneman Miriquidi C-Edition.

The virus has stirred things up, including our route through the Czech Republic. In 2020 you experience your Stoneman Miriquidi adventure as a unique and unforgettable inner-German mountain bike challenge – this is the C-Edition. With new trails, more water, fresh views.

Stoneman Miriquidi 2020: Unforgettable!

  • 162 km #pureMTBemotion: New trail, same distance!
  • Dam Sosa and Eibenstock: Feel the power of the water!
  • Experience more trail fun at TrailCenter Rabenberg!
  • The mother of all pit stops: New Checkpoint in Rittersgrün
  • New views, unique route, unforgettable!

New 2020: The contactless starter pack Stoneman Now!

Use your phone as a starter card — book online, ride without an issuing office, check in at the checkpoints by smartphone, seconds after the ride on the finisher list. All this for the super price of only 12 €.

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You want to enjoy the Czech parts of the Stoneman Miriqudi? Rock the CZ-Loop!
All information here »

162 km pure mountain bike emotion on the Stoneman Miriquidi C-Edition

Unforgettable is your Stoneman Miriquidi 2020: 55 new kilometres between Eibenstock in the west and Rittersgrün in the east. Plus the highlight summits Bärenstein, Pöhlberg, Scheibenberg, Rabenberg, Auersberg and Fichtelberg.

Same distance, more water and new trails.


SMQ Strecke stilisiert 2020 C-Edition
Talsperre Sosa mit Auersberg_b

Plenty of water!

The 2020 route takes you to the new checkpoints Sosa and Eibenstock and brings you directly to the Blauenthal waterfall. The Sosa dam, the Eibenstock dam or the natural bathing gardens Eibenstock: Feel the powerful waters of the region on the Stoneman Miriquidi C-Edition.

TCR Stoneman Miriquidi 2020 C-Edition

Same distance, more trail fun!

Gentle root carpets and flowing single trails: The Rock, Final Flow, Flowing Ten and the Kyril Trail let your adrenaline level rise. After you have conquered the Auersberg, you are close to the TrailCenter Rabenberg for a second time. A detour on the Boardertrail including the Electric Line is worthwhile before you rush towards the new checkpoint Rittersgrün.

Wasserstelle Bleyl

The mother of all pit stops!

Everyone knows it and everyone loves it: The drinking break in the Bleyl family garden. Voluntarily they sell items like bars or cokes. You just have to put a few coins in their „cash box of trust“. The letters on the pile of wood testify to endless gratitude. In Rittersgrün, in the garden of the Bleyl family, there will also be punching this year.


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You want to enjoy the Czech parts of the Stoneman Miriqudi? Rock the CZ-Loop! All information here »

Official issuing offices

The Royal Inn Wilder Mann, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

The Royal Inn Wilder Mann

Markt 13
09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
+49 3733 1440

 0:00–24:00   Mo-Fr 6:30, Sa-So 7:00   22:00   

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Landhaus Bergidyll, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Landhaus Bergidyll

Niederschlag 20
09471 Bärenstein
+49 37347 1327

 8:00-21:00 und nach Absprache   7:30   20:00    

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Sportpark Rabenberg, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Sportpark Rabenberg

08359 Breitenbrunn
+49 37756 1710

 Mo–Fr 8:00–16:00   7:00   20:00    Nudelteller im Trailcafe  

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Hotel Alte Schleiferei, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Hotel Alte Schleiferei

Schulstraße 8
08359 Breitenbrunn
+49 3773 88050

 7:00-21:00   7:30   21:00    

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Jens Weissflog Hotel & Restaurant, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Jens Weissflog Hotel & Restaurant

Emil-Riedel-Straße 50
09484 Kurort Oberwiesenthal
037348 10100

 6:30-22:00 und nach Absprache   7:30   21:00      Stoneman Teller nach Anruf: 037348 10101  

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Bürger- und Berggasthaus Scheibenberg, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Bürger- und Berggasthaus Scheibenberg

Auf dem Berg 1
09481 Scheibenberg
+49 37349 13344

 8:00–19:00   7:30   20:00     Mittwoch & Donnerstag Ruhetag  

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Gaststätte & Pension „Schanzenblick“, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Gaststätte & Pension „Schanzenblick“

Schulstraße 13
08349 Johanngeorgenstadt
+49 3773 880945

 7:00–22:00   6:00   20:00     

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Prijut12, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB


Vierenstraße 3c
09484 Kurort Oberwiesenthal
+49 37348 8338

 9:00-21:00 und nach Absprache   10:00   Do, Fr, Sa um 01:00 Uhr    Gastronomie ab 10:00 Uhr  

E-Mail Anrufen Website »
Best Western Ahorn Hotel Oberwiesenthal, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Best Western Ahorn Hotel Oberwiesenthal

Vierenstraße 18
09484 Kurort Oberwiesenthal
+37348 140

 0:00–24:00   7:00   22:00   

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Landhotel Rittersgrün, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Landhotel Rittersgrün

Karlsbader Straße 23
08359 Breitenbrunn
+49 37757 1880

 8:00-22:00   7:00   20:30    

E-Mail Anrufen Website »
Landhaus Sonnentau, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Landhaus Sonnentau

Schwefelwerkstraße 34
08349 Johanngeorgenstadt
+49 3773 8819910

 7:30–22:00   7:30   21:00    

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Jugendherberge Johanngeorgenstadt, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Jugendherberge Johanngeorgenstadt

Hospitalstraße 5
08349 Johanngeorgenstadt
+49 03773 882194

 7:00–19:30   7:30   19:00    Vegan und lactose-/glutenfrei auf Anfrage  

E-Mail Anrufen Website »
Wellness Pension & Gasthaus Riedel, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Wellness Pension & Gasthaus Riedel

Annaberger Str. 81
09484 Oberwiesenthal
+49 37348 7225

 8:00–21:00   8:00   20:00     

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Köhlerhütte, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB


Am Fürstenberg 7
08344 Gruenhain-Beierfeld
+49 3774 15980

 Mo-Fr 6:00-22:00, Sa-So 7:00-22:00   7:00   22:00      7 km Transferweg bis zur MTB-Strecke  

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Tourist-Service-Center Eibenstock, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Tourist-Service-Center Eibenstock

Dr.-Leidholdt-Straße 2
08309 Eibenstock
037752 2244

 Mo-Fr 9:00-12:00 u. 13:00-16:00 Uhr, Sa 10:00-12:00 Uhr  

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »

Further issuing offices will follow.
The list of open issuing locations is updated continuously.

Please reserve your starter package in advance, so it is definitely ready for you.

Lodging Partners

From 15 May onwards, tourist overnight stays are officially permitted . gain under certain conditions. You can find the official lodging partners available up to this date in the reservation form. S If you miss a certain accommodation partner, please contact them directly. You can always find current information on this page and on Facebook.

SM International Trophy

Stoneman Miriquidi C-Edition: An unforgettable adventure

Since March we have been working very hard to offer you a breathtaking and unforgettable mountain bike adventure also for 2020. We have developed an attractive and varied route for this purpose. The Stoneman Miriquidi C-Edition is of course also fully signposted.  

On 162 kilometres, the unique route runs over 4,100 metres in altitude through the dark forest of the Ore Mountains. With the new routing you bike on new trails: A total of 33 percent of the routes run on unpaved paths, trails or single trails. One country, five dams, six peaks: That's the Stoneman Miriquidi 2020 - unforgettable.

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It's your compensation, your fitness and your Stoneman.
Break out, drive away, get away from the headlines and supermarket lines.

Dou you have any question about your Miriquidi Mountainbike experience 2020?
Feel free to contact us – on Facebook, by E-Mail or phone. We are here for you.

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