Pushing yourself and confronting your boundaries, encountering overwhelming natural beauty – this is the Stoneman by Roland Stauder.

The beginnings of the Stoneman

Roland Stauder reached the peak of his professional mountain bike career by winning the MTB marathon world cup, the TransAlp, as well as the Crocodile Trophy. Afterwards, he once again retreats to the mountains, and creates the Stoneman Dolomiti.

I want to return to my beginnings. I want to enjoy nature and would like to take you along into a world full of emotions – to the feeling that should be essential for us bikers: It's not about performance, not about technique, but about experiencing the wonders of nature.

The Stoneman Miriquidi

In 2012 the idea came up to bring the German Stoneman exclusively to the Ore Mountains. Despite all other applicants: On a first scouting tour Roland was inspired by the landscape, the people and their sincerity.

Soon it became clear: The Stoneman Miriquidi will be the first international Stoneman. It can only be experienced in the Ore Mountains – “the home of adventure”. Orchestrated by the tourism association of the Ore Mountains the planning and realization began.

With their help in scouting, planning, obtaining permissions and the signposting countless enthusiasts and volunteers helped to make our vision of “2 Countries · 9 Summits · 4400 meter altitude gain – 162 km pure mountain bike emotion” come true.

Without this much appreciated help, the Stoneman Miriquidi would not have been possible. Famous athletes vouch as Stoneman Miriquidi Messengers for the quality of the Stoneman in the Ore Mountains.