Many successful Olympians and Olympic champions originate from the Ore Mountains.
For them, the Stoneman Miriquidi represents the sporting spirit they have come to love in the Ore Mountains, where athletes are being welcomed since long.

Some of our most successful athletes would like to welcome you with a warm “Glück auf!”, the traditional greeting in the Ore Mountains:

  • three times Olympic champion in ski jumping Jens Weißflog
  • six times Trial world champion Marco Hösel,
  • two times Olympic champion and most successful German cross-country skier Claudia Nystad,
  • Olympic champion and overall World Cup winner in Nordic combined Eric Frenzel,
  • Denise Herrmann, the best German cross-country skier of the last season,
  • René Sommerfeldt, the first German overall World Cup winner in cross-country as well as
  • Lukáš Bauer, the most successful Czech cross-country skier, overall World Cup winner 2008 and two times Tour de Ski winner.