A starter pack is needed for everyone, who wants to be featured as an official Stoneman Miriquidi finisher and wants to support the maintenance of the route. There are three versions (Basic, Stone, Complete), all including:

  • Stoneman Miriquidi starter card and lanyard
  • Stoneman Miriquidi finisher form
  • Stoneman Miriquidi starter bag
  • Stoneman Miriquidi map 2018 (scale 1:40.000, 77 x 70 cm)
  • Stoneman Miriquidi wristband 2018
  • Stoneman Miriquidi flyer
  • NEW 2018 – Stoneman Miriquidi sticker
  • NEW 2018 – with your stone: finisher sticker in gold/silver/bronze
  • NEU 2018 – für mehr Sicherheit: selbstklebender Flicken von Lezyne
  • NEW 2018 – 3 issues of German mountain bike magazine BIKE
  • assistance by the Stoneman Miriquidi Service-Partners (bike + pickup) in case of irreperable bike damage, if you just can't bike any further or simply need a transfer
  • NEW 2018 – for your regeneration: Tiger Balm and Doppelherz aktiv Magnesium + Kalium by Queisser
  • 10 € voucher for your personal Stoneman Miriquidi Finisher-Trikot
  • NEW 2018 – 10 € bike24-voucher

Qualify for the hand-made Stoneman Trophy and the respective stone, if you master the Stoneman Miriquidi within one (gold), two (silver) or three (bronze) days. RESPECT! The applicable starter packs start with the word “Trophy”.

Bikers who master the Stoneman Miriquidi in four to six days will need an “Open” starter pack.

Starterpaket Stoneman Miriquidi Mountain Bike

During season starter packs are exclusively available at all logis partners of the Stoneman Miriquidi.

Tip: They are already included in our overnight packages!

  • STONEMAN BASIC (1–6 days)

    The basic pack. For everyone, who wants to be an official finisher.

    • 29,– Euro per starter

The following starter packs extend the Stoneman Basic pack. They display your success:

  • TROPHY COMPLETE (1–3 days)

    The recommended starter pack if you ride a Stoneman for the first time. Including trophy and stone (gold, silver, bronze).

    • 49,– Euro pro Starter
  • TROPHY STONE (1–3 days)

    Choose this starter pack if you biked a Stoneman before and want to extend your existing trophy with the respective gold, silver or bronze stone.

    • 39,– Euro pro Starter
  • OPEN COMPLETE (4–6 days)

    The starter pack for all bikers, who want to enjoy the Stoneman Miriquidi and all the attractions along the way. The Stoneman Miriquidi medal identifies you as an official finisher.

    • 39,– Euro pro Starter

Every official Stoneman Miriquidi finisher can become a “Hero”. Simply present your punched starter card from a previous ride to obtain your discount.

Roland Stauder mit Stoneman-Trophäe

Starter Pack Handling

Obtain your starter pack and have one of the logis partners confirm your start date.

Go for it: On all of the nine summits you will find info boards and punch presses, where you can punch your starter card. Ask the logis partner to confirm your time of return on the finisher form once you have mastered the Stoneman Miriquidi. Depending on your starter pack and your riding time you will receive your trophy and the respective stone in gold, silver or bronze. Open finishers will receive their medal.

Please hand over your completed finisher form to the logis partner or fax it to us. You will then be featured on the official Stoneman Miriquidi finisher list.