Your starter pack is the entry point to your truly special Stoneman Miriquidi experience.

The Stoneman Miriquidi is a unique experience of overwhelming nature, top bike routes and super service. For your MTB adventures on the Stoneman Mirquidi there are three starter packages: Card, Classic and Now. Please choose one here:

For Finishers/Heroes or Group Member

Starter Pack Card

The essential goods & services for your Stoneman Miriquidi adventure.

  • Starter card and lanyard
  • Stoneman Miriquidi wristband
  • Important information via mail
  • Up-to-date GPS-Track via mail
  • Entry on the Finisher-List
  • 10 € voucher towards Stoneman jerseys
  • Digital abo of BIKE magazine
  • Upgrade to trophy or stone possible anytime
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Chosen by over 80 % of starters

Starter Pack Classic

Elevate your Stoneman Miriquidi experience and enjoy the perfect preparation with the Starterpack Classic.

  • All goods & services from the Starterpack Card
  • Stoneman Miriquidi starter bag
  • StoneMag.22 Miriquidi
  • Stoneman Miriquidi folding map 2022 (77 x 70 cm)
  • Stoneman bandana classic — super chic all-rounder!
  • Stoneman Miriquidi drinking bottle by Bike24
  • Squirtlube chain lube
  • Stoneman Miriquidi MTB sticker
  • Environmentally friendly organic trash bag
  • Upgrade to trophy or stone possible anytime
You want to give a starter pack as a gift? In the shop you will find bundles and vouchers to print at home »

Completely digital: The contactless starter pack Stoneman Now!

Use your mobile phone as a starter card — book online, ride without an issuing office, check in via GPS at the checkpoints, be on the finisher list seconds after the ride. Including all digital goods of the Starterpack Card. All of this a great price of only 15 €.

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Get your nugget!

Most riders are so thrilled after their ride - they take the handcrafted Stoneman trophy home. It is designed by Stoneman founder Roland Stauder himself and carries a stone of the regional bedrock in its centre.

Stoneman Miriqiuidi Mountainbiketour Mountainbikereise Abenteuer Mountainbike
  • The Trophy – made of the striking wooden pedestal, the iron, laser-cut Stoneman figurine and a stone, struck off the bedrock of the Ore Mountains – is just 40 € .
  • You already earned the trophy with your first Stoneman? Collect the Miriquidi-Stone for just 20 €.

Because every now and then someone asks: If you complete the tour in one day, one half of the stone is hand-painted golden. For two days it is painted silver, for three days bronze. If you are riding an e-mtb, you receive a natural-coloured stone at the finish.

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Starter packs are available at the official issuing offices and at all Stoneman Miriquidi lodging partners for house guests.

Pick-up is possible from 4pm the day before the ride.

Why a starter pack?

We want you to have the best possible Stoneman Miriquidi experience! With the starter pack you help to maintain the track and the much praised signage.

You get our support at all times and if you have any questions you can get help from your issuing office and the whole Stoneman Miriquidi team So: order your starter pack right here »

Official issuing offices

Bürger- und Berggasthaus Scheibenberg, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Bürger- und Berggasthaus Scheibenberg

Auf dem Berg 1
09481 Scheibenberg
+49 37349 13344

 8:00–19:00   7:30   20:00     Mittwoch & Donnerstag Ruhetag  

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Gaststätte & Pension „Schanzenblick“, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Gaststätte & Pension „Schanzenblick“

Schulstraße 13
08349 Johanngeorgenstadt
+49 3773 880945

 7:00–22:00   6:00   20:00     

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Gästeinformation im „Wiesenthaler K3“, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Gästeinformation im „Wiesenthaler K3“

Karlsbader Str. 3
09484 Oberwiesenthal
+49 37348 1550 50

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Köhlerhütte, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB


Am Fürstenberg 7
08344 Gruenhain-Beierfeld
+49 3774 15980

 Mo-Fr 6:00-22:00, Sa-So 7:00-22:00   7:00   22:00      7 km Transferweg bis zur MTB-Strecke  

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Landhotel Rittersgrün, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Landhotel Rittersgrün

Karlsbader Straße 23
08359 Breitenbrunn
+49 37757 1880

 8:00-22:00   7:00   20:30    

E-Mail Anrufen Website »
Prijut12, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB


Vierenstraße 3c
09484 Kurort Oberwiesenthal
+49 37348 8338

 9:00-21:00 und nach Absprache   

E-Mail Anrufen Website »
Sportpark Rabenberg, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Sportpark Rabenberg

08359 Breitenbrunn
+49 37756 1710

 0:00–24:00   7:00   20:00   

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The Royal Inn Wilder Mann, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

The Royal Inn Wilder Mann

Markt 13
09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
+49 3733 1440

 0:00–24:00   Mo-Fr 6:30, Sa-So 7:00   22:00   

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Tourist-Service-Center Eibenstock, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Tourist-Service-Center Eibenstock

Dr.-Leidholdt-Straße 2
08309 Eibenstock
+49 37752 2244

 Mo-Fr 9:00-12:00 u. 13:00-16:00 Uhr, Sa 10:00-12:00 Uhr  

E-Mail Anrufen Website » buchen »
Touristinformation Annaberg-Buchholz, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Touristinformation Annaberg-Buchholz

Buchholzer Str. 2
09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
+49 3733 425283


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Wellness Pension & Gasthaus Riedel, city – Logis-Partner Stoneman Miriquidi MTB

Wellness Pension & Gasthaus Riedel

Annaberger Str. 81
09484 Oberwiesenthal
+49 37348 7225

 8:00–21:00   8:00   20:00     

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