Between ancient mining tradition and competitive sports legacy: Feel the unique magic of the Ore Mountains during the 162 km of the Stoneman Miriquidi.

The original route of the Stoneman Miriquidi runs partly through the Czech side of the Ore Mountains.

With the pandemic and the border closures, an attractive alternative was needed. That was the birth of the C-Edition - an inner-German variation of the Stoneman Miriquidi. On the C-Edition you will still experience the classic Stoneman in 2021. »
This means punching at every checkpoint and the classic starter packs. With the digital starter package Stoneman Now, you can also ride the legendary original course. Let yourself be inspired by the highlights here.

Weaving itself across the border between Germany and the Czech Republic, the Stoneman Miriquidi leads you through the quaint scenery of the Ore Mountains.

Vast Valleys, wild streams and whispering forests – on marked trails the Stoneman leads you deep into the mystical Miriquidi. The “Dunkelwald” has forever been known as an impenetrable challenge out of old german heroic sagas.

The varied topography along the Ore Mountains crest is a true invite for mountain bikers and offers great trail riding throughout. Find highlights in Germanys first Trail-Center at the Rabenberg and endless trails in the Trailpark Klínovec.

During the 162km and 4.400 elevation gain you experience a great mountainbike adventure in a fascinating landscape with friendly hosts.

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"162km pure mountain bike emotion" in the tradition-rich Ore Mountains.

High above the roofs of Oberwiesenthal sits the Fichtelbergschanze, the hub of the elite winter sport training centre.

53 worldchampionship titles, 21 olympic titles: Eric Frenzel, Jens Weißflog, Sylke Otto and many other athletes from the Ore Mountains are among the world’s top athletes and gained victory after victory.

Annaberg-Buchholz, the former mining centre of Europe, is also part of the Stoneman Miriquidi. Vast amounts of silver were found 500 years ago, leading to the "Berggeschrey" and prosperous economical growth. It’s no wonder that the first silver coin from St. Joachimsthal ist regarded as the Dollar’s origin.

Alongside forest roads, some single trails and old town roads the Stoneman Miriqudi wins your heart with a fascinating mountainbike adventure enhanced by it's mining tradition, competitive sports legacy and warm hospitality.

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Mountainbike-Tour Stoneman Miriquidi MTB Abenteuer Erzgebirge Ore Mountains Roland Stauder
Mountainbike-Tour Stoneman Miriquidi MTB Abenteuer Erzgebirge Ore Mountains Trailcenter Rabenberg Felsen klein

Nine peaks stand for nine breathtaking peak experiences.

Climb nine of the highest mountains in the Ore Mountains and enjoy the views: Let your eyes gaze over the 1.000m deep Egervalley in the Czech Republic or watch the Miriquidi treetops and the gleaming lakes and water dams.

SMQ Strecke stilisiert 2021 C-Edition
SM International Trophy

Be your own benchmark and get your stone

The Stoneman is not a competition! Your own performance and your individual mountain bike experience is the benchmark.

If you conquer the course in one day, you have earned the golden Miriquidi Stone. If you master the Stoneman in two or three daily stages, you earn silver or bronze, respectively. The most important thing is that you have a great time.